Center for youth innovations and entrepreneurship
«Start-up BSU»

 Dear students and teachers of BSU!

Welcome to the Center for Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Start-up BSU '!

The main goal of our center is the development of innovative potential of students of Belarusian State University to form the willingness to generate new ideas, to create and implement innovative solutions to production and social sphere.

In our center, the students and teachers of BSU can receive advice and useful information for the development of their innovative projects. We also assist in fundraising for development projects from investors and the national and international funds.
Other key features of our Center is organizing and conducting training courses and training in entrepreneurship, innovation management, business planning, marketing, intellectual property protection, and others.



The Centre was established under the international project «SUCSID» of the European Union program «TEMPUS».

The Center organizes and conducts seminars, conferences, round tables and other events involving representatives of governments of the Republic of Belarus, educational institutions, research institutes, companies and organizations to find partners and investors for the implementation of student Start Up projects;

In our Center, students and teachers of BSU can test their startup projects, try  them in crash-test. To do this, we employ experts, including international ones.

Center creates a data bank of youth start-up projects, analyzes them and produces the best forms and methods of promotion.

Residents of Start-up Center BSU can get advice on intellectual property rights protection of start-up projects,how to write the business plan of start-up projects, how to develop business' proposals for potential investors, the way of preparation documents for participation in competitions and exhibitions of startup projects.

We are open to anyone who wants to achieve success, to put into practice the knowledge and skills which were gotten in the training process, to create innovation and creative product.

Welcome to our Centre!